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Is to offer free services to Poor Young People and their families,who are, having run-ins with the law, and struggling to escape poverty. JADS Goals are to enhance the spirituality, health, welfare, and prosperity of poor young families in the Greater Cleveland Ohio Area. JADS seeks to give the client and his/her family opportunities to live responsible, productive, and successful lives. JADS will counsel any young person and their family living in poverty below the U. S. Poverty Line, the client being between 13 and 30 years of age. JADS will guide them on a path away from poverty, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and immorality to a liberated existence in Jesus Christ.

JADS is incorporated in Cleveland Ohio, we are modeled after our sister organization in Atlanta, Georgia, formed in October 2000. We promote a comprehensive program to empower the poor young family to live successfully. JADS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will deal with workers and clients without regard to race, sex, religion, or national origin.