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About Us

JADS is incorporated in Cleveland Ohio, we are modeled after our sister organization in Atlanta, Georgia, formed in October 2000. We promote a comprehensive program to empower the poor young family to live successfully. JADS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will deal with workers and clients without regard to race, sex, religion,or national origin.

The news media reports the Greater Cleveland Ohio Community has many shootings involving young people, who are being killed or the victim of crimes. Our neighbors, especially senior citizens, are afraid to walk the streets. Our poor young black people with limited resources have no hope, and resort to crime!!! We as concerned citizens have to get involved and make our neighborhoods safer. Indicative of our determination to make our community safer, JADS will provide Pastoral Care Counseling to address any problem the family might have. JADS will offer scholarships in an effort to help them realize their dreams. We will also offer voluntary bible study to empower them to overcome any obstacle in their way as well as a mentor component to guide them in successful living. Jads will be instituting a tutoring component to help maximize their educational potential. In addition to that we provide a job search component to help them seize their opportunities as well as a referral service to help them get the social services they may need. JADS is committed to this mission in view of the growing dissipation of our society's resources, our young people. Therefore, accordingly we will get involved and appeal to our neighbors to get involved and lead these young people away from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and immoral living to be empowered to live successful law abiding lives.

JADS seeks to offer free services to Poor Young Families in the Greater Cleveland Ohio Area. We offer workshops on Violence in the Community. We do this every summer. We are currently offering tutoring services at 3735 E. 131 Street, we will be offering this community outreach for the subjects: Math, English, Reading, and Prep. For the Proficiency Tests free of charge. In addition, We give scholarship to struggling poor young people, in the field of their interest. We invite you to our church, every Sunday, at 11:00 a.m. Service, and BTU at 6:30 p.m. every Sunday Evening, fall and spring. You can reach us at Telephone No. (216) 253-1923. Our email address is: